Future Mapping®

THe Alchemy of Genius

Vibeke Fraling talks about Future Mapping® ( Dansk )

On tuesday the 7 th of may 2019 I was coached by Duane Hartel.

Duane and I have trained as coaches together at Manning Inspire in 2001. We have been coaching each other on and off for years. Duane talked about this different approach to coaching that he had encountered. Future Mapping® bypasses the inner beliefs and patterns that can not only be disruptive, but also directly self-sabotaging for a goal.
Future Mapping® combines the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Through a fictional story and creative process, one reveals readings one would not otherwise be aware of. One finds one’s way through inner resistance, resistance to change and perhaps even reluctance / fear of success. My session made me aware of a lot; beliefs, patterns old and new concerns and uncertainties. I set goals and put in place an overall plan. However, the most interesting thing has been that the process far from ended when I drove home.

The awareness that I had gained about the inner processes continued. It has meant that I have been able to tackle the root of the matter and can actually relate to some of the old and very sabotaging beliefs and patterns and actually make fundamental changes. In the past, I’ve felt like I had to manifest a huge amount of  willpower to achieve my goals. Instead, Future Mapping® and Duane’s coaching gave me insights that I have been able to work with and change. I highly recommend Duane and Future Mapping® if you think you’re stuck in something you’d like to change or want a breakthrough on the way to fulfilling your dream.

Best regards.
Vibeke Fraling,
Qigong Master,
Qigong Academy