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Charlott’s story

In the spring of 2018, I decided to get help breaking with a life-long anxiety about singing in front of others. The shower and car have been safe places for me to sing because no one could judge me. In the meeting with Duane and his coaching toolbox, full of methods, techniques and great empathy, I experienced being met with the gentleness and clarity that made me trust this man’s Integrity. I was able to take on the challenges Duane gave me because I experienced how the anxiety let go of it’s hold on my mind, my feelings and in my body. The most important thing was that I dared to be vulnerable and let Duane coach me through it so it could be transformed into strength. Duane’s coaching methods woven together with his insight into the connection between mind and body, have effectively helped me make the necessary decisions to train my voice in a new way where joy unfolds in parallel

Today I live with a whole new feeling, a new mindset and a new feeling in the body of freedom when I sing.
In August 2018, I sang in front of 80 people I know. In early December, I received an offer
about recording a couple of my own songs in a studio, along with some musicians.

I sing because it creates great joy in my life and when I get nervous and the performance anxiety tries to paralyse me, I refer it to everything I have learned from Duane and then I just sing anyway… .also in front of others .. It makes me happy to be free

Charlott  Bamford Christiansen