Talent Profile

Human Design: Manifesting Generator


You see the potential in others and have the ability to bring it out in them. You’re a good teacher, but you can do more than that. You can create illumination by helping others to develop their deepest qualities. You don’t want to imprint others with a certain understanding but preoccupied with bringing out the potential that’s already there.

Growth or education is for you more than just conveying facts and knowledge. It’s about developing the ability to learn, to mature students’ intellect and curiosity. To bring them a holistic understanding and perhaps even a form of life wisdom. You also have a patience and persistence that enables you to overcome the barriers people have.

You find ways to challenge people that enables them to experience and realize their potential. You have a genuine contact and interest in other people which builds trust and helps them dare to challenge their boundaries with you.


You find life is meaningful with a, deeper meaning to everything that happens. You know that, because you sense it. We all have our free will, but at the same time we are part of a larger whole, a “symphony of life”, where each person and life contributes something unique and beautiful. Some call it “God,” “energy,” “spirit,” or “gaia.” But whatever we call it, there is a force that inspires us, lifts us up, and is the essence of everything alive. You experience this force in your life as something implicit and natural.

This understanding gives you a sense of certainty and security because you know that you are not alone, and even if life goes against you, you know that you learn from it and that there is a reason for what is happening. You just haven’t understood this reason yet. This does not mean that one should stand idly by in the face of life’s challenges, but that there are greater perspectives in life than those we can see, and we must be careful not to think we know everything.

You see this pattern in the world around you, and you understand the way things are connected from that perspective. Where others see a few causal relationships, you often see some other contexts that are difficult to formulate but that you understand intuitively. It gives you a natural sense of how to approach things by working with the whole. Your surroundings may be baffled by the way you look at things. But that’s because they don’t understand the whole, the way you do.


Organisation and planning are an important prerequisite for achieving good results. You have a distinct sense of timing of how to execute things in the right order as well as the coordination of the many details involved in complicated projects. You see organization as an organic whole and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual or department, as well as how you can organize and coordinate the activities to achieve the best possible result. You can see trends and see the patterns behind the complexity of things, which means that you not only treat a project or organization as a mechanical device but are able to bring it together as an organic whole. Development is a fine balance between the whole and the parts, and if this balance is destroyed, the system inevitably collapses. However, you are able to maintain this delicate balance to a distinct degree because you understand the whole and thus can bring a combination of dynamism and stability into the organization you work with.

You know that when you work towards creating results, you can’t do everything at once and you have to put first things first, which is natural for you. Your sense of organization, details, rules and their implementation make you an eminent organizer or administrator. You understand structure and rules and have an awareness of their importance for the development of the organization.

You also take an interest in detail and draw energy from creating order both physically and conceptually. Others may find this work boring, but not for you. Order and rules are the starting point for any successful organization, which is why you love it.


Motto – ”It’s just idiotic that it can’t be done smarter” .

You generally find technology fascinating and have a flair for getting to know new technologies. You are creative and inventive and get energy out of inventing. You combine knowledge from many areas to create new solutions or technologies, and you have a great ability to see new ways to make things easier.

You might have a hint of what you might call “creative laziness”. This means that you would rather spend a lot of time finding a smart solution to a problem than you would spend a little bit of time solving the task manually over and over again.

Ideally, you want to find a really smart solution that is elegantly efficient and makes things come together. Thus, when you can combine things and solve several problems at once by coming up with a completely new way of looking at the problem, then it does not get any better.

Problem Solving

You love to solve problems and you’re good at it. You understand how to analyze an issue, eliminate the insignificant and identify the solution. You may be interested in mechanics, computers, logic, people or businesses. But either way, you have a combination of practical sense, analytical skills, persistence and intuition that makes you good at solving problems.

You may have a great deal of specialist knowledge in a field that makes you particularly good at solving a certain kind of problem, and you get energy from the experience of solving the problem. It can be a machine you’ve got working again, an organizational problem you’ve identified and solved, or a conceptual, philosophical, or scientific puzzle you’ve solved. There’s nothing better for you than solving a problem.


You have a clear awareness that behind the solid physical body there is a vital principle that brings things to life. This principle is called the ethereal energy and can be seen in, among other things, Kirlian photographs, which document the connection between health, vitality and a strong ethereal energy field.

You have a special gift for understanding and working with this living principle in everything. You know intuitively that problems with health and vitality stem from a lack of flow in vital forces in man, and you are concerned with how you can restore optimal flow and balance.

You see everything as a living manifestation of the creative force of the universe and may even experience being able to communicate with and be inspired by beings or forms of consciousness that without a physical body. Maybe you experience it as small natural creatures or perhaps as a quality of inspiration, (Duende)