Vibeke Fraling and Duane Hartel talk about Future Mapping (Danish)

Future Mapping ® transforms established ideas about goal setting. It is a remarkable tool for problem solving, creativity and innovation.

The method can be used to harvest innovation from the imagination and minimizes the effort around goal setting. It differs from other methods in two significant ways:

  1. You use the unexpected power of altruism “selfless consideration for the welfare of others”

The secret to achieving your dreams and goals is to draw on your desire to make another person happy. As part of the Future Mapping process, you create a 120% happier future for someone else. This person doesn’t have to be related to your goal – or even be a real person.

You get access to huge resources, not because you are working towards a goal that will benefit you, but because you are working towards the goal of making another person happy. Your own interest and all the baggage that comes with it falls away. Suddenly, hidden resources in you begin to come to the surface in ways that can really surprise you.

  1. You will link conscious and unconscious thoughts together in the unique Future Mapping® chart to reduce interference from your limited conscious mind. The chart reveals a relevant, practical and creative action plan for your goals.

The reason we don’t reach our goals is often a result of our inability to believe that we can really achieve them and will be really good at sabotaging them.

With Future Mapping ®, you work with your unconscious mind to draw an imaginary story that helps you think outside the box. Then, you consciously associate these imaginary events to come up with ideas that are not limited by your previous experience. Limiting faith, fear, and resistance is simply not part of the equation, so you can create an action scenario that will help you achieve your goal more easily.

You can use Future Mapping to create a business plan, write a book, resolve a conflict, negotiate a sales agreement, tackle an improvement project at home or find a solution to a software problem. Future Mapping works regardless of differences in culture, age, language, personal background and professional background. What dd learns in this course is very powerful and will help you release miracles in your life.

What is it all about?

Find a goal or desire you want to fulfill.

Define a time frame. (The period is always divided into 3 sections e.g. 3 weeks etc.)

Find someone you’d like to make happy.

Write a story about how the person has become happier during the time frame.

Find key phrases in the story that draw your attention to  an action that can be taken. (Here work is done with metaphors that show the way)

Kick off the Future Mapping with an action you can take right now .